Wilhelm Miklas was born October 15, 1872 – died March 20, 1956. Wilhelm Miklas was an Austrian politician who served as the third President of Austria from 1928 until its annexation by Nazi Germany in the Anschluss 1938. On December 10, 1928 he was elected the President of Austria, a role he served in until the position ceased to exist ten years later when Austria was annexed by Germany in the Anschluss. In 1930 Miklas appeared on a set of Austrian postage stamps. Miklas was highly unpopular among Austrian Nazis because he refused to commute the death sentences imposed on assassins of Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss after the failed putsch in 1934. Miklas was disliked by many members of the Austrian Nazi Party at this point for his initial refusal to appoint them custodians of Austria, and it ended up being future Waffen-SS colonel Otto Skorzeny who protected Miklas during the Anschluss. He was placed under house arrest and abandoned the political sphere. Miklas died on March 20, 1956 in Vienna.


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