W. C. Fields was born January 29, 1880 – died December 25, 1946.  Fields was an American juggler, comedian, and actor. Fields created one of the great American comic personas of the first half of the 20th century—a misanthrope who teetered on the edge of buffoonery but never quite fell in, an egotist blind to his own failings, a charming drunk; and a man who hated children, dogs, and women, unless they were the wrong sort of women. This characterization that he portrayed in films and radio was so strong that it was generally identified with Fields himself. It was maintained by the then-typical movie-studio publicity departments at Fields’ studios (Paramount and Universal) and further established by Robert Lewis Taylor’s 1949 biography W.C. Fields, His Follies and Fortunes. Beginning in 1973, with the publication of Fields’ letters, photos, and personal notes in grandson Ronald Fields’s book W.C. Fields by Himself, it has been shown that Fields was married (and subsequently estranged from his wife), he financially supported their son, and he loved his grandchildren.


Original W. C. Fields Autograph, Signed on Cut Paper. Dated 1931, Cigar band included. My father often requested a cigar band with his request for an autograph. Approx. size 3 1/8 x 4 1/8 inches. Regular Price – $ 1500.00 / Sale Price – $ 995.95.

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