Robert LeRoy Ripley was born December 26, 1893 – died May 27, 1949. Ripley was a cartoonist, entrepreneur, and amateur anthropologist who created the world famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not! newspaper panel series, featuring odd but true facts from around the world. Subjects covered in Ripley’s cartoons and text ranged from sports feats to little known facts about unusual and exotic sites, but what ensured the concept’s popularity may have been that Ripley also included items submitted by readers, who supplied photographs of a wide variety of small town American trivia, ranging from unusually shaped vegetables to oddly marked domestic animals, all documented by photographs and then engagingly depicted by Ripley’s prolific pen.

Original Ripley “Believe It or Not” Autographed Photo. Written: To Anna White From Ripley “Believe It or Not” N.Y. 1937 (some blue ink is scribbled below the date). Regular Price – $ 850.00 / Sale Price – $ 750.00.


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