Paul du Chaillu was born July 31, 1835 – died April 29, 1903. Paul was a traveller and anthropologist, was born in either Paris or New Orleans (accounts conflict). (According to his friend Edward Clodd, who refers to this confusion and includes in it also New York, du Chaillu’s true birthplace was the island of Bourbon (Réunion). He was sent in 1855 by the Academy of Natural Sciences at Philadelphia on an African expedition. A subsequent expedition, from 1863 to 1865, enabled him to confirm the accounts given by the ancients of a pygmy people inhabiting the African forests. Du Chaillu sold his hunted gorillas to the Natural History Museum in London and his “cannibal skulls” to other European collections. After some years residence in America, during which he wrote several books for the young founded upon his African adventures, du Chaillu turned his attention to northern Europe. After a visit to northern Norway in 1871, over the following five years he made a study of customs and antiquities in Sweden, Norway, Lapland and Northern Finland. He published in 1881 The Land of the Midnight Sun (dedicated to his friend Robert Winthrop of New York), as a series of Summer and Winter Journeys, in two volumes. His 1889 work The Viking Age was a very broad study of the prehistoric antiquities of the Scandivian peninsula from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages , and demonstrating what is now generally recognised, the important Norse and Swedish cultural dimension to the Germanic settlements of Britain during the fifth to seventh centuries. This view was then unfamiliar and was ridiculed by Canon Isaac Taylor. This book (in two volumes) is now a very collectible item, as long as it is in good condition: there are two versions of the book known, one bound in a dark binding, the other in cloth-bound hardback with gold tooling. In 1900 he also published The Land of the Long Night. . He died following a stroke of paralysis at St. Petersburg, while on his way home from Russia.


Hand written on Hotel Marlborough letterhead: New York August 6th 1900. Dear Mr. Young, I have received your kind letter I will be delighted to inscribe my name on my books. Please send them C/O Charles Scribiners’ XXX Publishers. Fifth Avenue New York. I sail for Europe in about ten days. Yours Sincerely, Paul Du Chaillu.


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