Frank Kent born in 1877 – died in 1958 Kent was a Baltimore “Sun” writer and syndicated columnist who gained a reputation for opposition to President Roosevelt’s New Deal policies. Frank Kent, influenced by the historical and political science perspective he brought to reporting and writing, was bothered by this uncritical acceptance of the National Industrial Recovery Act and the National Recovery Administration (NRA). Roosevelt and his administration struck back at Kent and other critics, but by 1934, other journalists began to join Kent in opposition to the NRA, and a study by the liberal Brookings Institute did indeed reveal that the economy was not recovering. The NRA system began breaking down in late 1934; by 1935 small businesses were beginning to openly defy the NRA codes; and by the end of 1935, the Supreme Court declared the NRA unconstitutional. Kent was vindicated. Despite Roosevelt’s resounding reelection, Kent’s journalistic practice provides a different perspective on the current view of some conservatives that the press should support presidential prerogatives.
Original Mrs. Frank R. Kent Autograph, signed on a Handwritten Letter. Approx. size 6 1/4 x 7 inches. Written on Mrs. Frank R. Kent Lombardy Apts. Baltimore, Md. 21210 Stationary. Handwritten: Tuesday Dear Margaret, I read your observation about the washington-post to Mark & Sue Watem and they were much amused — I am trilled to think you knew Miss Hamilton -I longed to meet her – I had posted this letter to me of her books – ( that is why the paper is disfigured) but think you should have it in your collection-. I don’t think Frank is very familiar with her books. So some day they will land in a second hand book store, and I prefer this letter to be in your collection – How Frank would have liked to be in the thick of this political mess! I can not admire Scranton- think Ike shows signs of Devility – but then I am for Goldwater and William McKinley! My love always Elizabeth. (letter is hard to read in places hopefully I have written it out correctly). Regular Price – $ 95.00 / Sale Price – $ 24.95.

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