Lowell Jackson Thomas  was born April 6, 1892 – died August 29, 1981.  Lowell was an American writer, broadcaster, and traveller best known as the man who made Lawrence of Arabia famous. So varied were Thomas’s activities that when it came time for the Library of Congress to catalog his memoirs they were forced to put them in “CT” in their classification — biographies of subjects who don’t fit into any other category. Books by Lowell: With Lawrence in Arabia, 1924 The First World Flight, 1925 Beyond Khyber Pass, 1925 Count Luckner, The Sea Devil, 1927 European Skyways, 1927 The Boy’s Life of Colonel Lawrence, 1927 Adventures in Afghanistan for Boys, 1928 Raiders of the Deep, 1928 The Sea Devil’s Fo’c’sle, 1929 Woodfill of the Regulars, 1929 The Hero of Vincennes: the Story of George Rogers Clark, 1929 The Wreck of the Dumaru, 1930 Lauterbach of the China Sea, 1930 India–Land of the Black Pagoda, 1930 Rolling Stone, 1931 Tall Stories, 1931 Kabluk of the Eskimo, 1932 This Side of Hell, 1932 Old Gimlet Eye: The Adventures of General Smedley Butler, 1933 Born to Raise Hell, 1933 The Untold Story of Exploration, 1935 Fan Mail, 1935 A Trip to New York With Bobby and Betty, 1936 Men of Danger, 1936 Kipling Stories and a Life of Kipling, 1936 Seeing Canada With Lowell Thomas, 1936 Seeing India With Lowell Thomas, 1936 Seeing Japan With Lowell Thomas, 1937 Seeing Mexico With Lowell Thomas, 1937 Adventures Among the Immortals, 1937 Hungry Waters, 1937 Wings Over Asia, 1937 Magic Dials, 1939 In New Brunswick We’ll Find It, 1939 Soft Ball! So What?, 1940 How To Keep Mentally Fit, 1940 Stand Fast for Freedom, 1940 Pageant of Adventure, 1940 Pageant of Life, 1941 Pageant of Romance, 1943 These Men Shall Never Die, 1943 Out of this World: Across the Himalayas to Tibet (1951) Back to Mandalay, 1951 Great True Adventures, 1955 The Story of the New York Thruway, 1955 Seven Wonders of the World, 1956 History As You Heard It 1957 The Story of the St. Lawrence Seaway, 1957 The Vital Spark, 1959 Sir Hubert Wilkins, A Biography, 1961 More Great True Adventures, 1963 Book of the High Mountains, 1964 Famous First Flights That Changed History, 1968 Burma Jack, 1971 Doolittle: A Biography, 1976 Good Evening Everybody: From Cripple Creek to Samarkand, 1976 So Long Until Tomorrow, 1977.


Original Lowell Thomas Autograph, signed on a Beyond Khyber Pass Fly Leaf. Autograph is in green ink. Approx. Size of Fly Leaf 5 3/4 x 8 1/2 inches. Regular Price -$ 145.00 / Sale Price – $ 74.95.

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