Lauren Bacall was born on September 16, 1924 – died August 12, 2014.  Bacall is an American film and stage actress and model. Known for her husky voice and sultry looks, she became a fashion icon in the 1940s and has continued acting to the present day. Bacall is perhaps best known for being a film noir leading lady in films such as The Big Sleep (1946) and Dark Passage (1947), as well as a comedienne, as seen in 1953’s How to Marry a Millionaire and 1957’s Designing Woman.  In 1999, Bacall was ranked as one of the 25 greatest female stars of all time by the American Film Institute. On May 21, 1945, Bacall married Humphrey Bogart.  They remained married until Bogart’s death from cancer in 1957. During the filming of The African Queen in 1951, Bacall and Bogart became friends of Bogart’s co-star Katharine Hepburn and her partner Spencer Tracy. In 1952, she gave campaign speeches for Democratic Presidential contender Adlai Stevenson. Bacall was a staunch opponent of McCarthyism along with other Hollywood figures. Shortly after Bogart’s death in 1957, Bacall had a relationship with singer and actor Frank Sinatra.  Bacall was married to actor Jason Robards from 1961 to 1969. After her divorce from Robards, Bacall did not remarry. In her autobiography Now, she recalls having a relationship with Len Cariou, her co-star in Applause. Bacall had two children with Bogart and one child with Robards. Her children with Bogart are son Stephen Humphrey Bogart (born January 6, 1949), a news producer, documentary film maker and author, and daughter Leslie Bogart (born August 23, 1952), a leading yoga instructor. Sam Robards (born December 16, 1961), her son with Robards, is an actor. Bacall has written two autobiographies, Lauren Bacall By Myself (1978) and Now (1994). In 2005, she re-published the first volume and updated it with an extra chapter. She released it as By Myself and Then Some.
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