Larry Weeks was born September 24, 1919 in Salem, Massachusetts. Irving Berlin discovered Weeks performing at one of the Fort Monmouth’s Camp Shows, and a few weeks (no pun) later, he was called to Camp Upton and then transferred to the “This is the Army” detachment, where he worked out the Juggling routine built around “Kitchen Police” – the delicate Army term for potato peelers, dish washers and general cleaner-uppers. In the act, instead of peeling potatoes, Cpl. Weeks juggles them when the Mess Sergeant isn’t looking. He detaches the mopstick from the top and twirls it like a Drum Major, and his innocent looking egg-beater suddenly becomes Indian Clubs. Since the inception of “TITA” – Larry has presented his act in 17 countries to 1 ,600,000 spectators in 825 shows traveling over 50,000 miles to do so.


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