Knight without Armour Autographed English Edition

Knight without Armour Autographed Hardcover ( with Dust Jacket) Edition by James Hilton. First Published in 1933. London Ernest Benn Limited. The Price on the inner flap of the Dust Jacket is intact. Original cost 7 shillings & 6 pence net. Englishman A.J. Fothergill is recruited by Colonel Forrester to spy on Russia for the British government because he can speak the language fluently. As “Peter Ouranoff”, he infiltrates a revolutionary group led by Axelstein. The radicals try to blow up General Gregor Vladinoff, the father of Alexandra. When the attempt fails, the would-be assassin is tracked down and killed in Peter’s apartment. For his involvement, Peter is sent to Siberia. World War I makes Alexandra a widow and brings the Bolsheviks to power, freeing Peter and Axelstein. When the Russian Civil War breaks out, Alexandra is arrested for being an aristocrat, and Peter is assigned by now-Commissar Axelstein to take her to Petrograd to stand trial. However, Peter instead takes her to the safety of the White Army. Their relief is short-lived; the Red Army defeats the White the next day and Alexandra is taken captive once more. Peter frees her again, and the two, now deeply in love, flee. They board a train, but arouse the suspicions of Poushkoff, a Red official. Fortunately for them, the young Poushkoff is entranced by Alexandra’s charm and beauty; he allows them to escape, then commits suicide. The lovers board a boat traveling down the Volga River. Alexandra becomes seriously ill, forcing them to go ashore, where they become separated. Peter is about to be executed by the Whites when a battle erupts around him. He escapes in the confusion and catches the Red Cross train transporting Alexandra out of Russia.


Autographed by James Hilton. Overall Condition Near Fine to Fine. Dust Jacket is worn on edges / ripped near near top of spine. Price – $ 224.95.

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