Joseph Hergesheimer was born February 15, 1880 – died April 25, 1954.  Joseph was a prominent American writer of the early 20th century known for his naturalistic novels of decadent life amongst the very wealthy. Novels by Joseph Hergesheimer: The Lay Anthony (Mitchell Kennerley, 1914) The Three Black Pennys (Knopf, 1917) Java Head (Knopf, 1919) Linda Condon (Knopf, 1919) Cytherea (Knopf, 1922) Balisand (Knopf, 1924) Tampico (Knopf, 1926) Berlin'(Knopf, 1931) The Foolscap Rose (Knopf, 1934) Short stories by Joseph Hergesheimer: Gold and Iron (Knopf, 1918) The Happy End (Knopf, 1919) Quiet Cities (Knopf, 1928) Tropical Winter (Knopf, 1933).


Original Joseph Hergesheimer Autograph, signed with a pencil on cut paper. Approx. Size of cut paper 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches. Hand written: I can think of nothing more useless than my autograph. He has written more sentence, but I am able to make it out. Joseph Hergesheimer 1937. Regular Price – $ 105.00 / Sale Price – $ 48.95.

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