John Drew, Jr. was born November 13, 1853 – died July 9, 1927.  Drew Jr. was an American stage actor noted for his roles in Shakespearean comedy, society drama, and light comedies. He was the eldest son of John Drew and Louisa Lane Drew, and the brother of Louisa Drew, Georgiana Drew & Sidney Drew. As such, he was also the uncle of John, Ethel, and Lionel Barrymore and also great-great uncle to Drew Barrymore. He was considered to be the leading matinee idol of his day, but unlike most matinee idols Drew’s acting ability was largely undisputed. Drew had a long association with Charles Frohman and leading lady Maude Adams. Drew was associated mainly with the company of Augustin Daly. His memoirs, titled My Years on the Stage, were published in 1922. Highly esteemed by his fellow actors, John Drew was elected lifetime president of New York City’s Players’ Club. The abbreviation “Jr.”, distinguishing him from his less well-known actor father, is usually dropped. He died on July 9, 1927 shortly after having been visited by his nephews John & Lionel Barrymore.


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