Jessie Millward was born in 1861 – died 1932. Jessie Millward debuted as an actress in 1881 and soon became well enough known to be engaged in 1882 by Sir Henry Irving for his company at the Lyceum Theatre. While with Irving she played Hero in Much Ado About Nothingand Jessica in The Merchant of Venice.When she went to America with Irving, she played Lady Anne in Richard III.She left Irving’s company in 1884 and later played in Othelloin 1889. In 1892 she and William Terriss on tour performed “costume” recitals of scenes from Romeo and Julietand The Taming of the Shrew.Her next engagement with Shakespeare was in New York City where in 1904 she played Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing. She left the stage in 1912 without performing in another Shakespeare play after 1904. In retirement she wrote her memoirs, Myself and Others(1923). The adelphi theatre is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of William Terris. Terris was a popular actor who was killed by a jealous rival. Terris was killed on December 16, 1897 during the run of the “Secret Service”. Actor Richard Prince hated Terris and killed his as Terris was unlocking the Adelphi Theatre stage door. Terris died in the arms of his Mistress, Jessie Millward. As he was dying he whispered “I’ll be back”. The first reporting of the ghost at the Adelphi Theatre was 1928. A stranger saw a male figure in Maiden Lane which he said was a ghost. He later identified the figure as Terris from a photograph. Poltergiest activity started to manifest in the dressing room once used by Millward. In 1956 the ghost of Terris was reported at the Covent Garden Underground. Later again there was a sighting in the Adelphi Theatre.
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