Jaye P. Morgan was born Mary Margaret Morgan, December 3, 1931. Jaye is a retired popular American singer and game show panelist. 

Morgan was born in Mancos, Colorado, but her family moved to California by the time she was in high school. In the late 1940s, at Verdugo Hills High School in Tujunga, Los Angeles, California, she served as class treasurer (and got the nickname “Jaye P.” after the banker J. P. Morgan) and sang at school assemblies, accompanied by her brother on guitar. In 1951, a year after graduation from Verdugo Hills, she made a recording of the song “Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries” which made it to the Top Ten. She received an RCA Victor recording contract and she had five hits in one year, including “That’s All I Want from You,” her biggest hit, which reached #3 on the charts. 
In the 1970s when she was a panelist on the game/variety shows The Gong Show and Rhyme and Reason and in the 1980 “behind-the-scenes” movie version of The Gong Show. She was also right at home on the Playboy Channel game show Everything Goes. A clip of her exposing herself was saved, and later used in The Gong Show Movie, though it was NOT the only instance of Morgan baring her breasts on the show: in the tapes to other episodes (including an episode aired on GSN in 2007), she can be seen unbuttoning her blouse while Gene-Gene The Dancing Machine” comes onstage, then a quick camera cut, and a cut back to Morgan buttoning up again and returning to her seat. It is a different clip because she is wearing different clothes. She can also be seen unbuttoning her blouse during a sketch of a guest singing “How lovely to be a woman.” In Barris’ first autobiography, he mentioned this incident where Morgan bared her breasts to this act that wasn’t Gene-Gene. Original Jaye P. Morgan Autograph, signed on a 3 x 5 inch index card. Regular Price – $ 140.00 / Sale Price – $ 74.95.

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