James (Jim) Aloysius Farley was born May 30, 1888 – died June 9, 1976.  Farley was an American politician who served as head of the Democratic National Committee and Postmaster General. Farley was the campaign manager for New York State politicians Alfred E. Smith and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s gubernatorial campaigns as well as Roosevelts presidential campaigns in 1932 and 1936. Farley predicted large landslides in both, and was responsible for pulling together the New Deal Coalition of Catholics, labor unions, and big city machines. Farley was heavily concerned with party issues as well as aspects of policy, and supported the liberal New Deal programs. Farley, and the administration’s patronage machine he presided over, helped to fuel the social and infrastructure programs of the New Deal via the Postal Department and WPA/PWA programs. Farley opposed Franklin Roosevelt breaking the two term tradition of the presidency, and broke with Roosevelt on that issue in 1940. Farley, served as the #2 commissioner on the second Hoover Commission, which helped to develop American modern law in regards to executive powers and the presidency. The Landmark James Farley Post Office (James A. Farley Building/former General Post Office Building) in New York City, is designated in his honor.


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