James “Jim” Aloysius Farley was born May 30, 1888 – died June 9, 1976.   James Farley was an American politician, business executive, and dignitary who served as head of the Democratic National Committee and as Postmaster General. James A. Farley is the first nationally successful Roman Catholic politician in American History. Farley was known as a political “kingmaker”, and was responsible for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s rise to the presidency. Farley was the campaign manager for New York State politicians Alfred E. Smith 1922 gubernatorial campaign and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s gubernatorial campaign’s as well as FDR’s Presidential campaigns in 1932 and 1936. Farley predicted large landslides in both, and revolutionized the use of polling, and polling data. Farley was responsible for pulling together the New Deal Coalition of Catholics, labor unions, blacks, and farmers for F.D.R.


Original James Farley Autographed 8 x 10 1/2 inch Photo and Original Mailing Envelope. Written on photo: To Frank Tricker Sincerely James Farley. Envelope is postmarked: Washinton, D.C. Oct. 5 11 am 1937. Return address: Post Office Department Office of the Postmaster General. Addressed to: Mr. Frank Tricker 1308 S. Ruby Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Regular Price – $ 345.00 / Sale Price – $ 195.00.

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