Howard Roger Garis was born April 25, 1873 in Binghamton, New York – died November 6, 1962 in Amherst, Massachusetts. Garis was an American author, best known for a series of books, published under his own name, that featured the character of Uncle Wiggily Longears, an engaging elderly rabbit. Garis also wrote many books for the Stratemeyer Syndicate under various pseudonyms. As Victor Appleton, he wrote about the enterprising Tom Swift; as Laura Lee Hope, he is generally credited with writing volumes 4–28 and 41 of the Bobbsey Twins; as Clarence Young, the Motor Boys series; as Lester Chadwick, the Great Marvel series and books featuring Baseball Joe; and as Marion Davidson, a number of books including several featuring the Camp Fire Girls. By virtue of his accessible characters and engaging plots, Garis was the one of the most influential children’s authors of his day. Many of his books, especially the Uncle Wiggily books, are still widely read and are readily available over the internet.


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