Howard Hesseman was born February 27, 1940 and is an American actor. Hesseman was born in Lebanon, Oregon. 

Hesseman is known for his role as anti-disco disc jockey John “Dr. Johnny Fever” Caravella on the television sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati from 1978 – 1982, a role Hesseman prepared for by working as a DJ in San Francisco at KMPX-FM for several months. Hesseman is also remembered for his role as teacher Charlie Moore on the series Head of the Class from 1986 – 1990. He also played Sam Royer, the man who married Ann Romano (Bonnie Franklin) on One Day at a Time. In 1995, Hesseman played the title role of the Marquis de Sade in Quills at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood, California, which included one scene in which he was fully naked. In 2001, Hesseman had a recurring role for three episodes of That ’70s Show.  In 2006, he appeared in two episodes of the ABC television series Boston Legal playing the unorthodox Judge Robert Thompson, as well as an episode of House. During his appearance as Judge Thompson, Hesseman paid homage to his role as Mr. Moore in the earlier ABC series by hearing a court case while sitting atop the judge’s bench, just as the character of Mr. Moore taught his class while sitting atop his desk. In 2007, he played The Chemist on HBO’s John From Cincinnati. He has also guest starred as an announcer at a horse track on Psych, in the episode “And Down the Track Comes Murder.” Hesseman also guest-starred on the 2007 season premiere of NBC’s ER, playing a man tripping on magic mushrooms who may or may not have been an orthopedic doctor from another hospital. He has also appeared in numerous films, including Steelyard Blues, Billy Jack, This is Spinal Tap, Doctor Detroit, Private Lessons, Rubin and Ed, Flight of the Navigator, About Schmidt, Amazon Women on the Moon and Police Academy 2, Gridlock’d, Out of Sync, Home for Christmas, The Diamond Trap, Inside Out, Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Martin Story, Heat, My Chauffeur, Clue, The Princess Who Never Laughed, Silence of the Heart, One Shoe Makes It Murder, Honky Tonk Freeway, Great American Traffic Jam, Americathon, Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo, The Big Bus, Jackson County Jail, Tunnelvision, Shampoo, The Sunshine Boys, The Committee, Martian Child. Under the alias of Don Sturdy, Hesseman made some television appearances including one episode of Dragnet in 1967 in which he portrayed a hippie named Jesse Chaplain who was the editor of an underground newspaper. In this Dragnet episode, his character was a panelist on a TV opinion show opposite Sgt Friday and Officer Gannon. Original Howard Hesseman Autograph, signed on Yellow Cut Paper. Approx. size 3 5/8 x 4 7/8 inches. Regular Price – $ 44.00 / Sale Price – $ 29.95.

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