Hamilton Cochran Autographed Typed Letter

Hamilton Cochran was born September 9, 1898 in Philadelphia, Pa. His father Joseph was a clergyman, sought to give his son a good education and sent him to Swarthmore Preparatory Scholl. April 1917 after the United States declared war on Germany, Hamilton at age 18 left school within a week and enlisted in the United States Coast Guard. Hamilton served on the Coast Guard Cutter ALgonquin, which was one of six warships that the Coast Guard sent to fight in Europe. Cochran attended the University of Michigan and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. Hamilton after college sailed the Red Star and Munson lines in passenger and freight vessels, worked for Ronald Press as a salesman, served as a vice president of the Diamond Wax Paper Company in Rochester, New York. He also accepted a job as the Commissioner of Public Welfare for the government of the Virgin Islands. In 1937, he wrote is first book entitled: These are the Virgin Islands. In 1941 his first novel was released: Buccaneer Islands. This would be one of thirteen books. Most well known for Blockade Runners of the Confederacy. During World War II at the age of 44 Hamilton again joined the Coast Guard. Hamilton Cochran died in 1977.


Original Hamilton Cochran Autographed, signed on a Typed Letter. Typed on Hamilton Cochran 109 Stratford Road Wallingford, Pa.: September 5, 1963 Dear Frank: Thanks for your complimentary letter. It is always nice to hear from those who like my books. Here is the complete list: Windward Passage,novel Captain Ebony,novel Silver Shoals,” Rogues’ Holiday,” The Dram Tree,” Buccaneer Islands (juvenile) These are the Virgin Islands ( travel ) Pirates of the Spanish Main ( history ) Blockade Runners of the Confederacy ( history ) Noted American Duels and Hostile Encounters (history) All are out of print except: The Dram Tree, Blockade Runners, Pirates of the S.M. Noted American Duels. You can obtain the 1st two noted, form The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 4300 W. 62nd St, Indianapolis 6, Ind. Dram Tree is $3.50; Blockade Runners, $ 6.00. Pirates of the Spanish Main is published by American Heritage Junior Library, 551 – 5th Ave, New York, NY. I believe the price is $3.75. I am enclosing a notice of Noted American Duels which is just off the press. The only way of getting any of the other books is to keep your eyes peeled at Leary’s Book Store and other 2nd hand places. I have an English Edition of Silver Shoals I can sell you. Also a paperback of Windward Passage. Sincerely, Hamilton Cochran. The letter is typed and in a few places typing errors have been corrected with a blue ink pen. Appro. size 7 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches. Regular Price – $ 85.00 / Sale Price – $ 64.95.



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