Grass Autographed Book

Grass by Merian C. Cooper, Foreword by William Beebe with sixty four illustrations from photographs by Ernest Beaumont Schoedsack. First Edition Signed Hardcover. Copyright 1925 by Merian C. Cooper. Cooper and photographer Ernest Schoedsack accompanied the Bakhityari, a tribe of 50, 000 nomads on their hazardous annual journey to bring their herds to pasture. Cooper and Schoedsack collaborated on a number of silent documentaries before jointly writing, producing, and directing King Kong (Cooper, a pilot who served with distinction in both World Wars, appears toward the end of King Kong as the Flight Commander). With the immediate success of this, the most famous horror movie of all time, Cooper became a Vice President of RKO pictures. He went on to produce many notable films, as well as the first Cinerama presentation. In 1952 he was awarded a special Academy Award “for his many innovations and contributions to the art of motion pictures.


Autographed First Edition of Grass by Merian C. Cooper. Written: To: Alfred M. Collin at: the Franklin —- Club with best compliments Merian C. Cooper. Overall Condition Good to Very Good. Price – $ 1250.00

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