George Amos Dorsey was Born in Hebron, Ohio on February 6,1868. Died – March 29, 1931. American anthropologist and early U.S. ethnographer of North American. George Amos Dorsey authored many books: The Cheyenne, Indians of the Southwest, Traditions of the Skidi Pawnee, The Pawnee, A Bibliography of the Anthropology of Peru, Why We Behave Like Human Beings, Traditions of the Caddo, The Mythology of the Wichita, Hows and Whys of Human Behavior, Traditions of the Arikara, The Nature of Man, Traditions of the Osage, Traditions of the Arapaho, and Several more.


Original G. A. Dorsey Autograph, Signed on Cut Paper. Approx. Size 3 x 4 1/2. Dated 1931. Regular Price – $ 299.00 / Sale Price – $ 195.00.

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