Francis Van Wyck Mason was born November 11, 1901 – died August 28, 1978. F. Van Wyck Mason was an American historian and novelist. He had a long and prolific career as a writer spanning 50 years and including 65 published novels. In 1930 he published his first book The Seeds of Murder which introduced Captain Hugh North, a detective in Army Intelligence and the hero in a long series of “intrigue” novels. He drowned off the coast of Bermuda in 1978 after having finished his final novel, Armored Giants, about the battle between the Monitor and Merrimack, which was published posthumously in 1980.


Original F. Van Wyck Mason Autographed Typed Letter. Approx. size 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Typed on F. Van Wyck Mason Letterhead, dated August 16, 1963. Typed: Mr. Frank Barry 707 South Warnock Street Philadelphia 47, Pennsylvania U.S.A. Dear Mr. Barry: Somehow a file containing a number of letters, including yours, got misplaced and I have only just now come across it. Please accept my apologies for this tardy reply to your letter of May. Murder in the senate was written in my pseudonym of Geoffry Coffin and I have also used Ward Weaver ( End of Track and Hang my wreath – both historicals). I am afraid you are not going to have an easy time locating the books you mentioned because they were published before World War II by Dodge who have gone out of business. However, judging by this mail I have received concerning these books, there is great interest in them and from time to time Pocket Books, Inc., 630 Fifth Avenue, New York 20, New York reprint the old ones. Next month Doubleday & Company will publish the latest Colonel North story, Zanzibar Intrigue, and in the spring a major historical novel , Rascals’ Heaven, which has to do with the founding of Georgia. Have you read Trouble in Burma? I have never had the time to complile a list of all my works, but I think I shall attempt it during the next six months. I enclose a couple of signed book plates. Thanking you for you interest, I am Yours very cordially, F. Van Wyck Mason. The original envelope is included. Regular Price – $ 115.00 / Sale Price – $ 44.95.

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