Edward Phillips Oppenheim was born October 22, 1866 – died February 3, 1946.  Oppenheim was an English novelist, in his lifetime a major and successful writer of genre fiction including thrillers. Featured on the cover of of Time magazine in 1918, he was the self-styled “prince of storytellers.” He composed more than a hundred novels, mostly of the suspense and international intrigue nature, as well as romances, comedies, and parables of everyday life. Perhaps Oppenheim’s most enduring creation is the character of General Besserley, the protagonist of General Besserley’s Puzzle Box and General Besserley’s New Puzzle Box (one of his last works). Oppenheim’s work possesses a unique charm, featuring protagonists who delight in Epicurean meals, surroundings of intense luxury, and the relaxed pursuit of criminal practice, on either side of the law.


Original E. Phillips Oppenheim Autographed Letter, approx. size 5 x 8 inches. Typed on Villa Devero Cagnes Sur Mer France Letterhead: 26th December 1931 Mr. Frank Tricker, 5656 Beaumont Avenue, West Philadelphia, Pa. Dear Sir, Mr. Phillips Oppenheim has received your letter and has much pleasure in appending his signature as desired. Your faithfully, E Phillips Oppenheim. Regular Price – $ 155.00 / Sale Price – $ 74.95.

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