David Bennett King was born June 20, 1848 in Pennsylvania. He was graduated at Lafayette in 1871. 1874 – 1877 he was adjunct professor, and from 1877 till 1886 professor of Latin. Meanwhile he studied law, being admitted to the bar in 1883, and in 1886 opened an office in New York city. In 1881-1882 he wrote for the Philadelphia “Press” a series of letters from England and Ireland. He has contributed largely to periodicals, on topics of government and political economy, and has published in book-form.

Close up view of David Bennett King Autograph. Original David Bennett King Autograph, signed on a Book Page. Signature is on page 315 with the heading of Corporations For Working-Men. (included are pages 311 -315). Approx. size 7 3/4 x 11 inches. Regular Price – $ 95.00 / Sale Price – $ 48.95.

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