Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born December 25, 1821 – died April 12, 1912. Clarissa better known as Clara Barton, was a pioneer American teacher, nurse, and humanitarian. She has been described as having had an “indomitable spirit” and is best remembered for organizing the American Red Cross. Clara Barton inaugurated a movement to gain recognition of the International Committee of the Red Cross by the United States government. When she began this organizing work in 1873, most Americans thought the U.S. would never again face a calamity like the Civil War, but Barton finally succeeded during the administration of President James Garfield, using the argument that the new American Red Cross could respond to crises other than war. As Barton expanded the original concept of the Red Cross to include assisting in any great national disaster, this service brought the United States the “Good Samaritan of Nations” label. Barton naturally became President of the American branch of the society, which was founded on May 21, 1881. John D. Rockefeller donated funds to create a national headquarters in Washington, DC, located one block from the White House.


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