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Antique Mechanical 14K Yellow Gold Gemset Pencil. Tested 14K & Marked S S Seavy Lowell. While checking we found a S S Seavy in Lowell, Mass in 1847. The Pencil is in superb condition with no dents. It works! The top is Crowned with a beautiful Octagonal Bloodstone. This would prevent the pen from Rolling off the desk. During the Middle ages the Crusaders brought back Bloodstone saying that is was stone from Mount Golgatha stained with the blood of Christ – Miracles were attributed to it. The engraving is worn where the slide opener moves up and down. But otherwise the condition is Fantastic. To open, grasp the slide and push up or down. Nice and tight. The tip unscrews to replace the lead. Price – $ 1295.00.

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