To the best of our knowledge and belief, Miss Marie Bard of New York City is the only woman living in the United States whose portrait is contained in most every stamp collection in America. Nearly 100,000,000 of her likeness were distributed in 1931 on the Red Cross stamps. That’s a mark for some of our movie queens to shoot at. (This was taken from a magazine clipping that was in with my fathers collection) Postmarked Dansville, N.Y. May 21 1931 3 am.


Miss Marie Bard, Artist Model for Red Cross Stamp. Close up view of stamp. The two cent Red Cross stamp commemorated the 50th anniversary of the founding of the American National Association of the Red Cross on May 21, 1881. This stamp was very popular at the time it was issued, and added to the bi-colored design allowing many plate combinations, enough copies were saved that it brings little premium today. However, since it was printed in two steps, at least two panes were released without the red cross on one of the stamps; both stamps are obviously highly prized. First Day sales were in Washington, D.C. and Dansville, New York, the home of the first Red Cross chapter.


Original Marie Bard autograph, signed on envelope. Regular Price – $ 450.00 / Sale Price – $ 195.00.

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